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Donations to the collection
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Financial Assistance
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Donations to the collection:

The Archive accepts donations of all types of Palestinian and Middle Eastern cultural heritage, including:

  1. material culture objects (such costumes, textiles, accessories (such as veils and headdresses), jewellery, and children's toys and dolls)

  2. fine art (paintings, sculpture, prints, literature and poetry, also examples of refugee art and children's art) and

  3. documentary material for the Research Library (such as publications in all languages, unpublished research notes and images, photographs, prints, posters, postcards, videos, DVDs, music tapes and CDs)

Donors are acknowledged in the Archive's Annual Report, Newsletter, exhibitions and website. The Archive also accepts long term loans, which allows us to display and research material that owners still wish to maintain a connection with. For further information regarding the Archive's donor and long term loan program please email us.

Archive volunteer assistance

You don't need to be in Australia. The Archive works worldwide, and you can provide help in so many ways:

Financial Assistance


The Archive has established a special account for emergency funding to replace our travelling exhibition "Symbolic defiance: Palestinian costume and embroidery since 1948" which went missing at Los Angeles Airport after a security examination on 1 November (read more about this loss here).   If you would like to help with this please make an online payment here:


It's an old saying but true: every little bit helps! Look what we can achieve with the following donations:

$10 purchases Archive photographic materials or cassettes for our oral history project

$25 covers annual subscription costs for a journal in our Research Library

$50 buys an acquisition for the Archive's collection from a Palestinian refugee camp embroidery project

$75 allows the Archive to purchase acid free paper to store 19th century Palestinian garments

$100 covers production costs of a variety of Archive educational programs, for example "touch" seminars for blind children (and adults) allowing them to touch examples of exquisite 19th and early 20th traditional costume and accessories

$250 produces a colour brochure and business cards to advertise a Palestinian refugee camp embroidery or weaving project

$500 pays for the acquisition of a late 20th century traditional embroidery dress for the Archive's permanent collection (with your name on the museum display label)

$1000 provides a set up package (including embroidery threads, materials and traditional Palestinian pattern books) for Palestinian village or refugee women wishing to establish an embroidery project to generate income and revive traditional Palestinian heritage

$1500 covers production and printing costs for a child's cut out doll book featuring six different regional Palestinian outfits (including Bethlehem, Jerusalem, Hebron, Gaza and Galilee) to be distributed free to Palestinian refugee camp and diaspora community children to familiarise them with pre 1948 Palestinian cultural traditions

$2000 covers a full colour room brochure for an Archive educational display or small museum exhibition, distributed free to all visitors

$2500 replaces the Archive's out of date computer with an oh so useful lap top that can travel with us during research trips

$3000 covers travel expenses for the Archive to present a paper on Palestinian heritage at an international conference. A further $1000 would allow the Archive to also display one of its exhibitions at the conference

$4000 pays for the acquisition of a rare 19th century or early 20th century Palestinian wedding dress for the Archive's permanent collection (with your name on the display label)

$5000 produces a full colour exhibition catalogue for one of the Archive's travelling exhibitions (with your name or company logo on the cover)

$7,500 covers the costs for the Archive to provide curatorial, textile conservation and collection management expertise to a small museum within the Palestinian region, or several refugee camp museums or collection, or Palestinian diaspora community collections

$10000 will allow the creation of an academic scholarship to allow a young Palestinian to undertake a 12 month Archive internship in museum studies and curatorial work in the field of Palestinian or Middle Eastern textiles

$20,000 will cover the costs of the forthcoming American and Canadian tour of the Archive's highly acclaimed exhibition Portraits without names: Palestinian costume (with your name as primary sponsor within the exhibition, in publications, media and all public and educational programs)

You can make an online donation here:

You can also post bank and personal cheques (payable to the Palestine Costume Archive) in any currency (please add $9US for local bank foreign currency charges) to the Palestine Costume  Archive, P.O. Box 98 Lyneham, Canberra, ACT 2602 Australia.   

The Archive also is currently involved with a variety of long term research projects that require funding. These include projects as diverse as oral history projects with Palestinian diaspora communities worldwide, the research and establishment of a website page illustrating as many of Palestine's 800 village styles as possible (less than 50 village styles have been documented), documentation of Palestinian cultural heritage since 1948, and research and documentation of Palestinian costume and heritage in museum and private collections worldwide.

If any of these projects is dear to your heart, and you would like to support their continuation, please contact the Archive for further details, or make an online donation here:

Membership/Friends Program

Become an Archive Friend by donating $100US per year, and receive in return:

1) A year's subscription to our Newsletter, containing information on:

2) Access to the Archive's costume collection (both display and study collections)

3) Access and borrowing rights to the Archive's Research Library (a catalogue is available on our website)

4) Invitations and free passes to all Archive exhibition opening functions and special VIP and Archive Friend exhibition tours (if our exhibitions are not in your home region, please let us know the address details of friends in the area, and we will forward your invitations and free passes to them)

5) Access to curatorial, research and collection management expertise. Archive Friends may make up to three research requests to Archive curatorial and conservation staff per year on subjects ranging from the identification and dating of Middle Eastern or ethnographic textiles to private collection management advice

6) Copies of all Archive publications and exhibition material

Please email us for an Archive Friends joining form, or contact us at P.O. Box 98 Lyneham, Canberra, ACT 2602 Australia

You can pay your membership fee online here:


Thank you.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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